5 Reasons to Push Yourself… NOW!! JTP21

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5 Reasons to Push Yourself… NOW!! JTP21

1. New ventures give you new energy

This energy won’t get you all the way through, but it will give you what you need to start..
Sometimes starting is difficult, or full of many little things you must do to get ‘in’, but once you’ve cleared those hurdles, you’re officially “Doing it”
it’s like starting a gym membership… The admin can be ridiculous sometimes… Forms, debit orders, details, times, dates of certain classes…
But when you want something, when you know it’s something you have to do.. You’ll do what it takes to get through those early annoying phases first.
My first week of doing Taekwondo.. I didn’t know what position to sleep in because of the pain I was in!!!
Training was hard..! Most of the people I started with were nowhere to be found after two months.
But now, I train even harder than that day, and rarely have sore legs.. But I needed the strength to get through those early days when my body was rebelling!

2. You’ll learn something about yourself

We don’t always know the extent of our powers until we push the boundaries.
As a singer, I’d locked myself into singing jazz. When someone asked me to join their rockabilly band, I thought “yeah right.. that’s SO not me..!!” But I went for it eventually, and now it’s going great!!
I also auditioned for a musical last year (that starts in August), and I NEVER would’ve thought I could do it, because it was singing in a style I wasn’t used to, and ACTING… Which I had no training in…
I got a lead role!!!
I never would’ve known if I didn’t go to that first audition.. (which goes back to 1. Deciding to go gave me the energy to prepare for it)

3. You may open new Doors for yourself

Working harder at what you’re doing now, or trying something completely new, could, and usually does, open up new opportunities to you.
It may be something as straightforward as getting noticed at work, and being offered a promotion (or making a stronger case for a promotion)
It could be something as random as discovering a new stream of income doing something you learnt like email marketing…
When you’re willing to put time and energy and everything you have into something, it almost always has a pay-off..!
Don’t miss out by being lazy, sticking to the status-quo, or running away form that new activity that caught your attention.

4. You could build new relationships

This may take the form of meeting new people altogether, or strengthening the bond with some people you already know 
I saw this with my own job, teaching singing at a varsity. At first, I was just doing my job, and not really doing much else, so I had an ok rapport with colleagues, and mostly spoke to my boss..
When I decided I really wanted to get the most out of this, I worked my students harder, and also, built much deeper relationships with some of my colleagues to the point that they became friends.
That extra push made me more aware of the people I worked with, and made it impossible to keep them at arm’s length. I almost had  to build better relationships with them.
That could happen with you too!
And even more when you’ve decided to start something entirely different from what you normally do.
You may join a Facebook group for this topic, and see some people with common ideas to you.
That could start a rapport with them on the group, but can easily become something more, whether it’s a new business partner, or a new friend..!!

5. You will become a better person!

There’s something special about having discipline, and perseverance, that changes you from the inside and makes you appreciate life more.
You see the time you have as more precious because you see what you can achieve with it.
You see the relationships as more precious because you see where they can go if nurtured.
You see people around you as worthy of your very best, because whether they are a customer, or a friend, the experience they have with you will carry forward…and it could help or hurt your reputation.
When you push yourself beyond your current levels of comfort, you get stronger in your character, you’re able to handle more responsibility, deal with tougher questions, and survive deeper pains.
You find out there was always real potential inn you to take control of more than you had initially realised you could.
So ask yourself “Am I REALLY working as hard as I can right now? Am I REALLY maximising the opportunities given to me?? Have I continued learning all that I can about what I do?

Don’t just think about it…

Do it!

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