Captain America: Civil War – Team Cap vs Team Iron-Man! (Review and Reflection) – JTP13

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Let me just say this: “Captain America: Civil War” is amazing! Marvel have done it again!! No seriously. Go watch it TODAY!! Unless of course superhero movies make you want to throw up a little, then don’t watch it…..unless you don’t mind keeping an empty popcorn bucket with you just in case…

Ok, ok… It truly is a good movie for reasons I give in the podcast.

It just made me think about how we live out our lives, and what impact our actions have on those around us. We can end up with a huge spectrum of responses from people we interact with, and I think it’s good to be somewhat prepared for that

Using one of the main plot points from the movie, I divide up those responses into two groups, with one being team Captain America, and the other being Team IronMan.

Captain America vs IronMan

Now let’s just say one is positive and the other is negative. And that I may be slightly biased on how I chose which team represented which side 😉

The main issue is that our actions will have consequences whether we like it or not. Those consequences can be a great blessing, or a great challenge, but I believe both are a necessary part of our own journey of growth. You can’t escape this reality and I hope this episode will help you get the most out of these consequences.

These things shouldn’t stop you from doing something though. You MUST follow through on what you believe you should be doing!

Don’t just think about it..

Do it!

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