Don’t Give Up! 5 steps To Getting Back On Track After Being Knocked Down – JTP05

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Don’t Give Up! 5 steps To Getting Back On Track After Being Knocked Down – JTP05

It’s the New Year! And with it comes all those resolutions and plans that we have. I’m sure by now you’ve read a bunch of posts about how to stick to your goals, or ways of making your plans more clear, however my year started a bit differently.

Just before travelling for a performance in Switzerland, my laptop AND backup drive were stolen from my place while I was sleeping.

The personal impact of this is huge because everything was on that laptop. Work, plans, future products, music I’d been working on…etc, and all of that is gone for good!

So you can imagine I started my year with a lot of really negative thoughts, pain, and general paranoia. Honestly, I didn’t want to continue with this podcast. I almost dropped it entirely.

However, that couldn’t last if I was going to get through this. Through help from friends and inspiration from different sources (especially the Become A Blogger Coaching Club by Leslie Samuel) I was able to get my head somewhat ready to take on the world again.

So today, I want to give you 5 steps to getting back on track in 2016. Maybe you’ve got some things that you’re struggling to get going again through negative experiences. I want to help you get that right.

Here they are

1. Mourn Your Loss


Especially when we’ve been hit with bad news, or have had bad things happen to us, we need to mourn our loss. If this means taking time off, or finding spaces in your day to reflect on what has happened, please try and do this.

It will help you deal with the reality of what’s happening

2. Remember, You’re Not Alone


For a little while, it’s ok to be in your own space. Just don’t stay there forever! You have people who can remind you there’s light at the end of tunnel, who can listen to you, or just sit in silence with you (I had this, and it a major reason why I could even write this).

Isolation isn’t good for long periods of time. Be seen by a few people close to you.

3. Get Help!

"Listen, I'm not just some quack ok! I know what I'm talking about!"

“Listen, I’m not just some quack ok! I know what I’m talking about!”

Whether this is professional help from a psychologist (I’m gonna do this), or even financial help to get back on your feet, don’t be afraid to get help. Nobody made it on their own, and you’re no different. When you’ve been hit hard, it helps to get a different perspective from someone, or to be given assistance you’re unable to give yourself at the time.

There’s no shame in it, so get help!

4. Tweak Your Systems


At this point, you’ll be looking at your own life and you should check if there’s anything you can change. This is where most New Year’s resolutions lie, as a tweak in the system of someone’s life. So what will you do differently after your experience?

Funnily enough, having my laptop stolen made me a lot less tolerant of some things in my life, and as a result it made me think deeper about this podcast should focus on. What can you change?

It doesn’t have to be major. It could just be the time you decide to wake up, or how often you go on social media in a day. Tweak it!

5. Start Moving (Again)!


You’ve mourned, involved those you cherish, sought help, looked at what you need to change, and now, you should get up and start moving again! Staying in a slump too long can cost you more than you’ll ever know. Opportunities could fly past you, ideas could be crushed under the weight of sadness, relationships could fade from absence… Get up and start living again.

You don’t need to make things harder for yourself. For me, that was deciding to podcast again. What is it for you?

Those are my steps to getting back up after being knocked down. I truly hope they are of as much help to you as they have been to me!

Let’s get this year moving.

Don’t just think about it. Do it!


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