Marketing Your New Podcast Part 1 – Getting the Basics Right

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Marketing Your New Podcast Part 1 – Getting the Basics Right


If you have started your podcast, WELL DONE! Most are still sitting in their chairs staring at their screens and waiting for inspiration to drop down from the sky. You’ve gotten past that and are part of an active and growing community of content creators! Yes, you!

Today we won’t even be talking about social media because before any of that happens, you want to make sure some things are in place with your own podcast. I’d go as far as to say this is more important than a good social marketing campaign, and can easily mess up any progress you are making. Everything I’ll talk about today is technical in nature. The absolute basics! And to start off with…

Create Content Consistently

This is key to getting anything going with your podcast, and I need this too (if you look at the dates of my episodes…shameful). You have to START your podcast, with content THAT MATTERS to your audience, and do that in a consistent way so that you’re PREDICTABLE!

So if you haven’t started yet…get cracking on that first episode! If you’re struggling to niche down to a specific topic, don’t worry just yet, that becomes more clear as you continue. If you have zero idea when to post…create a schedule and stick to it! All of these things are important for your podcast’s success!

A great example of this is the Youtuber Philip DeFranco, who I follow almost religiously! He has a great following because he gives people a great variety of content whether it be news, gaming updates, movie news, or just random cool stuff he found on YouTube.

Get Your RSS Feed Working

This is what you need to actually have a podcast. It’s not enough to just have a website and some mp3’s on it. You must have a way that platforms/apps/people can be automatically updated with your episodes as soon as they come out. Your RSS feed is what iTunes uses to know what episodes you have available, and updated with new episodes. It’s the same with any app you use to listen to podcasts…they are interacting with your RSS feed.

This usually comes from either your website, or your media host (like Libsyn for instance), and it removes the need for podcasting platforms to be manually updated by you when you have content.

Remember, without this, you just have an audio blog, where people have to go to the site to listen to your work. That’s fair and fine. But don’t call it a podcast if it cannot be subscribed to and updated automatically.

Make Sure You’re Found On the Main Podcasting Platforms

If you have a podcast, you MUST be on iTunes!!! Why? Because iTunes is responsible for about 70% of all podcast downloads! Also, last year, Google launched its own podcasting platform via its Google Play Music app. You can put your podcast in their directory so that you can be found on their app as well.

Google Play Music may not be as popular as iTunes, but it’s Google!! Get on there now so that you can take advantage of being one of the early(ish) adopters. It’s been out for a while now, but it’s not yet available all over the world. So if you’re like me (in South Africa) you may have to wait a bit before you can access it. Just keep an eye out.

There are other options like Spreakr, Stitcher Radio and BlogTalk Radio, however you don’t lose much by not being there unless you put the efforet into being popular on those platforms. I’d say stick with iTunes for now and Google Play Music if it’s available to you. Once you’re there, most podcasting apps can find your podcast via those platforms.

Make Subscribing Easy On Your Website

This is important because most of your consistent listeners will be those who subscribe, so you’ll want to make it easy and obvious to people to subscribe. Many will first encounter you via your website (through a Facebook/Twitter link), but you’ll want to turn those into subscribers quickly.

Use clearly marked and well positioned links/buttons on your site so that a visitor can just press and follow a quick process to becoming a subscriber. On top of this, put reminders in your shownotes for people to subscribe, and put a link right next to that reminder. Why not. The more your listeners/visitors are reminded about this, the more likely they will see it’s important for them.

These were just the basics…

…and yes they are technical in nature because podcasting is a technical endeavour. If you want to do well at this, you have to get the technical stuff down well, or else you’re just going to keep floundering about. The other things like sharing your content, how to use social media…all those will make a bigger impact if the quality of your product is already above average.

I hope this has helped you

It is easy to neglect the basics and jump straight into all the sexy stuff out there being offered by ‘gurus’. Well, I’m no guru… I’m on a journey, and I hope to share everything I can with you!

Don’t Just Think About It…

Do It!

Oh, and you can subscribe to me on iTunes and Stitcher Radio! See, I did it too!!! I should do it more 🙂

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