Starting is the hardest part? 4 benefits of starting a podcast with intention! – JTP02

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Starting is the hardest part? 4 benefits of starting a podcast with intention! – JTP02


If you’re like me, you’re a procrastinator. That means you know you should do something but never plan when you’re going to do it, or even worse ignore plans for the sake of other stuff. And I especially did that when it came to starting my podcast.

Truth is, it’s hard to start

But starting is something we MUST do in order to get anywhere, and with a podcast, you can’t go far with a “maybe” attitude

Here’s what you gain from truly starting a podcast with intention.

1. It opens up all the options

From topics to equipment, you will go into a research phase that makes all the possibilities known to you!

You won’t just want to buy any microphone, you’ll look at which ones are popular.
Then which ones are recommended.
Then which ones you can afford.
Then finally, which one you’ll buy!

That whole process belongs only to those who start with intention. Most people stop at the first part of seeing which microphones are popular, then give up because there’s too many, or the prices aren’t appealing, or there’s a bird flying past.

The whole idea behind having all the options before you is to get you to the point of decision! Once you’ve made up your mind, you will go to the next part.

2. You learn with purpose/direction

Once a strong decision has been made, you go into a deeper research phase to learn even more about the consequences of your decision.

When you’re looking for a phone, you never think of which protective covers are available for it. You only do that once you’ve decided on, or have even purchased the phone.

Same with podcasting.

Some of the knowledge you’re missing will come as a result of making a decision! In fact, a lot of what you previously perceived as barriers (the technical understanding, cost of hosting a website, time commitment) cease to be barriers, but become goals to reach!

That’s how I learnt to use Adobe Audition to edit my sound. I had always used Garageband for other stuff, but I had Audition on my computer and never touched it. I found out it had superior editing capabilities, but I had to learn them all. Youtube tutorials became my friend, and I hacked my way through learning Adobe Audition. Now it’s my go-to app for ANYTHING to do with my podcast sound.

So after all the options, you make a choice. And after making a choice, you now have context for whatever learning you need or progress you make. If you get to this point, what comes as part of the package is the next thing.

3. Gives you ENERGY!

Everything you need to do as a podcaster requires energy. Though in the long run it isn’t the most important thing, it definitely has huge benefits when starting!

This is what following through on your decision to podcast will do, and it makes some of the early fears of learning new things or building new relationships more doable. You won’t be sitting somewhere wondering whether or not to do it, or watching the bird that flew past earlier. You’ll be typing out that email, or doing the homework you learnt in a tutorial.

It’s what I experienced and I see it everywhere.

When you don’t want to go to the gym, but decide to go anyways… You’re not going to get in there and sit. Regardless of how you felt before, you’re going to do the work!

Where did that energy come from? Making the decision!

4. You find out what you truly have

You won’t know what you’re capable of until you actually tried this. The clarity of your message isn’t sure until you’ve had other people come to you and comment (especially those in your target audience… You DO know your target audience right?).

Cool thing about podcasting: You can grow as you go! Where you start and where you’ll be after 7 episodes are two very different places. But you’ll only see that when you start.

You’ll learn what works for you and what you can do to improve what doesn’t.


That’s what I believe happens to those who start with intention, those who make a decision and follow through despite what discomforts await them.

What other things can you think of, that you will gain from starting?

There are so many benefits. These four points aren’t everything.

Also, how could these help if you’re ALREADY a podcaster/blogger?

Let me know what you think in the comments.


Don’t just think about it… Do it!


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