The Oscars & Addressing Controversy On Your Platform; iTunes Podcast Changes – JTP08

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The Oscars & Addressing Controversy On Your Platform; iTunes Podcast Changes – JTP08


Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Oscar for Best Actor! It¬†marks the end of all the memes about him not getting an Oscar ūüôĀ

Though that was the biggest Oscar of the evening, we all know that wasn’t the biggest controversy¬†of the event. That belonged to something much more pressing: the lack of diversity among the best acting categories.

This had been brewing for some time, and at the event, there were a few planned attempts at recognising it. Whether it was through the skits that were done, or some of the speeches, it was clear that this was on people’s minds.

That’s why today I want to talk about how addressing controversy on your platform is crucial to your journey as a podcaster/blogger.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s important.

1. How you handle controversy is a sign of leadership

It could be good, or bad leadership, but you should realise that by having a platform with listeners or readers, you have influence. You’re a thought-leader!

Use that leadership to address the things that impact your listeners. You will gain their trust as a result, because you didn’t shy away from talking about it.

2. Managing controversy on your platform is necessary

Your platform has given you influence, so use it! You’ll be wasting a massive opportunity if you leave this out. Whenever something that affects your listeners comes up, it’s not just a right, but it’s your¬†role¬†to address it.

3. Dealing with controversy makes you human

Not many chances come to show people that you’re more than just a content creator. Especially with technical topics (like mine, podcasting). Controversy is one of those rare occasions where you can show your audience that you aren’t only aware of the issue, but that this issue affects you as well and you have an opinion.

The Oscars, didn’t really get that right. They acknowledged the issue, but showed no humanity in the process.


Also in the podcast, I go through changes to the way iTunes allows you to submit your podcast, and some other changes that affect podcasters.

For detailed information, Check out this page from Blubrry that describes the changes.

Don’t just think about it..

Do it!

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