The purpose of your podcast, and why it matters more than knowing how to podcast – JTP03

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The purpose of your podcast, and why it matters more than knowing how to podcast – JTP03

The purpose of your podcast should be one of the first things you should know with great clarity. Everything else can be learnt and decided over time, but purpose is something you must be sure about from the beginning, as it will fuel your drive for podcasting.

Purpose can be defined in two ways:

  1. The reason for which something is done, created, or exists
  2. A person’s sense of resolve or determination

Let’s dig into these.


1. The reason for which something is done/created/exists

Why should your podcast even exist? What is it doing for you and your listeners?

Starting with you, it’s good to know your reasons, because they help determine other elements like how much time and money you’ll put in

If this is just a hobby and you’re just getting your toes wet, you can really take your time to learn and grow (something I suggest you do regardless of your aims). It can also make it more of a fun process rather than this tough mission you must accomplish or someone will lose their hair!

Or it could be something you’ve always wanted to do in your life, some kind of goal. Similarly, it could be attached to something you love doing/talking about and you want to share that with other people.

Connected to this, you could be podcasting to share an expertise. You’ve realised you have a lot of knowledge about some topic, or your friends recognise you as the go-to person about your topic choice, and podcasting is a way of expressing that beyond your normal circles.

Is this a business opportunity? Well, if it is, you’ll need to be intentional with your strategy and the steps you take. It’s best to do this with a topic you thoroughly enjoy, because will only pay you if they believe you love what you’re doing. Also note, monetizing isn’t so straightforward; you’ll want to be sure you have a product/service that’s worth it!

Onto your listeners, you should have an idea of why they would want to listen to you talk. This has almost everything to do with your topic, and your knowledge of how people may or may not interact with your topic (do some research!).

Which questions are you answering? Who are giving a voice to? These are things to think about when thinking about your potential audience. Will they gain any value from listening to you?

Another element here is the community you can build/tap into with your topic. You could become a lightning rod for people to connect through. This can happen just thorugh your comments, or a Facebook page!

Fact is, people unite around specific things: nationality, language, favourite movies… etc. You must make sure you’re not just rambling nonsense to yourself, but your speaking to SOMEBODY SPECIFIC, because you can’t speak to everybody.

So know your audience.


2. A person’s sense of determination or resolve.

This is all about your drive for podcasting. I’m not talking about passion. There’s a lot that can be said about passion, but this has more to do with the determination to just keep doing this, no matter how you feel.

“Sometimes the passion isn’t there, but the purpose is always there! Purpose is the true foundation of motivation.”

Purpose is what keeps you going. Answering all the questions I’ve asked before will be a reminder of why you should get in front of that microphone and hit record. Knowing your audience keeps you thinking about who could miss out if you say nothing.

If you really have no purpose after a while, re-evaluate what’s going on in your own heart.


***More important than knowing how to podcast???***

Yes it is!

Purpose gives reason to process (more p’s).

Without Purpose, your Process becomes Pointless!

So in other words, purpose is what keeps you doing the task of podcasting, as it supplies the bedrock for all your goals and ambitions.

You must have a very strong, clear reason for your podcast to exist, or you WILL disappear after a little while. Most podcasts that fade away do so between the 7th and 15th episodes. Getting past those barriers of justifying the time and effort, takes purpose.

What are your reasons for podcasting? Write them down, and look at them every so often. If your purpose changes because of changes in life situations, or events, that’s ok; just make sure you document it.

Let your purpose drive you on your Journey to Podcast!

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